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Wanted: Happy healthy home environments!

Alberta Animal Services has suitable dogs, and cats available for adoption. Most of our animals come into our facility as Strays found by citizens or found by our Bylaw Enforcement Officers. We also partner with various Animal Rescue Societies and Alberta Animal Services will receive dogs and cats into our shelter from these rescues when they need assistance. We need your help to find loving caring homes for these amazing pets.

All Sheltered Animals are Veterinarian Checked

All of our adoption pets are Vet checked and Spayed or Neutered by veterinairins at the Dog + Cat Hospital. We would like to give a special thanks to All the Staff at Dog + Cat Hospital for working so hard to ensure all of our shelter animals are given the best veterinary care possible! You can check out their website at:

Before You Adopt

Think you are ready for a pet? Consider these questions first.

Will you be a responsible pet guardian?
Will you ensure that your pet is spayed or neutered, to decrease the problem of pet overpopulation?

Will you provide proper identification for your pet? (Adoption fee from AAS provides for spaying or neutering of cats and dogs and free microchipping.)

Will you ensure your pet has access to veterinary care, food, water, shelter, love, exercise, training, grooming, and nail care?

Will you abide by city bylaws regarding your pet (licensing, picking up after your dog etc.)?

What are your living arrangements?
Do you own your own home or are you renting? Moving frequently can be stressful to pets. If you are renting does your landlord allow pets? Secondly is the space large enough for the pet and breed that you want? Do you have a fenced backyard?

What is your lifestyle?
Are you a couch potato? Are you active and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and camping? Do you work late or go out after work? Ensure that the pet, or breed, that you are seeking matches what you like to do.

Time: Do you have time for a pet?
Animals require varying amounts of time. Depending on the animal, and even the breed, how much time you have to dedicate to walking, training, exercising and mental stimulation for your pet will vary.

Can you afford the costs?
Are you able to afford the costs of pet care? The average cost for dogs annually is $1,550 (not including one time costs such as adoption fee, spaying, microchipping etc.) and the average for cats is $850 annually.

What is the lifespan of animal?
Are you prepared to commit to your pet for its lifetime? Most cats and dogs have a lifespan of 15 years.

Who will be responsible?
Trying to teach responsibility to your children? Understand that a family pet is a family decision and children will not take on all of the duties involving the pet, even though they will be enthusiastic at first! It is recommended for children to be seven years old to actively take part in pet care.

Adoption Policy
If you are still wanting to adopt a pet please proceed to our Adoption Policy page.

Adoption Package Includes

Our Mission

To maintain the safety of the citizens and the animals in our community through education, enforcement and leadership.

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