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What to do if I have a Barking Complaint?

If you have been disturbed by a dog's barking or howling, we recommend you contact us first to have a warning issued to the owner of the dog. If the problem persists, then you must fill out a barking log form before the municipality will issue a ticket for this offence. An officer will evaluate all barking log forms to determine if the evidence in your documentation is sufficient to support a ticket being issued.

Can I download your barking log forms or witness statements?

You can download the forms by clicking on the links below. Please note that all forms must be completed and submitted to our office within two weeks of the offense date or last recorded barking offense. You can submit the completed forms by mail, fax, or in person to our office BUT we must have the original form before we can issue a charge.

**An original document must be provided if a charge is laid based upon your statement. You must be willing to appear in court as a witness if a charge is laid based upon your statement. Otherwise a charge cannot be fully completed.

What is the definition of a dog running at large?

A dog is considered running at large when it is not under the care and control of the owner. If the owner is unable to control the dog through voice commands then the dog is considered at large when it is outside of the owner's reach.

Some municipalities require all dogs to be on leash when off the owner's property while others require dogs to be leashed only in certain areas. It is recommended that you review your municipalities' bylaw regarding dogs off leash as it is the owner's responsibility to ensure they understand all animal bylaws.

When do I need to license my dog?

Most municipalities require dog licenses to be purchased by January 1 of the current year. As an owner it is YOUR responsibility to know when to license your animal. The City of Red Deer requires dogs to be licensed by January 1 every year.

What are the fees to license my dog?

The fees vary in each municipality but a common rule is that an altered animal license is cheaper than an unaltered animal license. This is because altered animals are less prone to wandering and they are not able to reproduce which reduces the number of unwanted pets.

Click Here to find out License Fees for The City of Red Deer

Is there a Cat Bylaw in my Municipality?

Several municipalities in Alberta have cat bylaws and also cat trapping programs during the summer months for stray or feral cats. It is recommended that you contact your municipal office as some municipalities have mandatory cat licensing while others have a voluntary program.

The City of Red Deer has a cat bylaw which prohibits cats from running at large or destroying public or private property.

Do the Officers only patrol during office hours?

No, our officers patrol all hours of the day, evenings, weekends, and statutory holidays.


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