Summertime and Your Pet

Summertime Heat

Summertime and the tempature is rising. A hot summers day can be enjoyful for you and your pet, but not usually without some foresight and planning where pets are concerned. Humans can change into cooler clothes, get inside for the air conditioned coolness and pack a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Pets have a harder time of it when the temperatures soar. Learn about the dangers of summer heat.

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Traveling with Your Pet

June 2012

Traveling with your pet can be a lot of fun, and practical too (finding a pet-sitter isn't always easy). Pet owners should, however, be aware that each country has its own laws and regulations for importing pets (either for a short-term visit or for a long-term move).

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Deworming Your Pet


It is Veterinarian recommended to deworm your pets twice a year. Most worms in dogs and cats are spread in the feces of infected animals. Even though your pet may stay indoors, they can still be exposed to the eggs via fomites. A fomite is any inanimate object that can provide transmission, ex. Your shoes. While out walking you may come in contact, unknowingly, with other animal feces from an animal that has worms. You can then carry the eggs on your shoe into your home. If your pet, so curiously, were to sniff or lick your shoes, they too can become infected with the eggs that will hatch and grow into adult worms. Thus providing your pet with a veterinary approved dewormer every 6 months will keep your pet free and healthy from such infestations.

Animal Bylaws

Animal Bylaws

Most towns or cities have a bylaw in effect that does not permit your pet to be off your property unless they are on a leash and in control by you. Allowing your pet to be off your property, unsupervised, can cause a lot of issues for the general public and you may be subject to a violation. It is not safe for your pet to be on its own, as it could be hit by a car if it chooses to cross a busy roadway, there is a lot of wildlife in Alberta that can see your pet as a food source, or they can just succumb to the elements as Alberta can have extreme cold in the winter and heat that can cause dehydration in the summer. Allotting time in your day to walk your pet is the best case scenario as they will remain with you and your pet will enjoy spending time with you each day.

Animal Protection Act

Animal Protection

Under the Animal Protection Act, it is necessary to provide food, water and shelter for your pet, especially if you are choosing to leave your pet in your back yard. Your pet must be able to have somewhere warm to go in the winter or to be able to get out of the sun in the summer. There must be fresh water provided for them as well, so it is important that they have access to an appropriate shelter so the water does not freeze or evaporate. Failure to follow the guidelines set out by the Animal Protection Act can result in a seizure of your animal by the Alberta SPCA if they feel your pet is being neglected or abused in any way.

Animal Grooming

Regular Grooming

Regular grooming is essential for your pet to have a healthy outlook on life. We often receive pets to our facility that do not receive regular grooming and have a lot of issues because of it. Trimming your pets nails will not only save on your furniture, floors or scrapes on yourself, it also can prevent in grown or broken nails on your pet which can become infected and painful. Bathing your pet, even once a month, can help with keeping their hair coat unmated and free of dirt and debris. It can also help you detect if your pet was to develop any sort of growth or other skin related issues. Many breeds of dogs and cats need to have their ears checked on a regular basis as they can get infections easily and it can be very painful for your pet. Leaving an infection untreated can result in deformities and eventually hearing loss. There are many good groomers out there that can help, if you need with keeping your pet well groomed and happy.

Obedience Training

Dog Training

Obedience training is essential when you bring a new pet into your home. Not only do you want your pet to follow your rules, so to speak, you want friends and family to be able to enter your home and feel comfortable. There are many group classes out there to be able to socialize your pet and there are also private lessons available if your pet needs some one on one work to help teach commands. Having a pet that listens to you will relieve a lot of stress for both of you. You will not get upset at your pet for say jumping all over someone when they arrive, and your pet in turn will remain calm as you are calm. Having a pet that listens also reduces the desire to want to re-home if life situations occur such as moving, new baby, etc. You will be better equipped to help your pet deal with the stress associated with these types of changes.

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