Animal Control and Bylaw Services

Alberta Animal Services provides important animal-related services, such as sheltering cats and dogs impounded under the Cat Bylaw 3174/96 and Dog Bylaw 3429/2009 (City of Red Deer) to find new homes for impounded cats and dogs that have not been claimed by their owners.

All animal-related services result from the mandate provided by the Cat and Dog Bylaws. This bylaw allows Alberta Animal Services to work with the citizens of Red Deer to ensure that cats, dogs, their owners and neighbours live together in safety and harmony. Under the Dog Bylaw, at three months of age all dogs residing in the City of Red Deer must have a City of Red Deer licence.

Alberta Animal Services also works with municipalities outside the Red Deer area and offers animal control and bylaw enforcement.

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Please call 403-347-2388.
After-Hours Emergencies please call 403-347-2388 and leave a message containing your name, phone number and reason for the call. The message will be dispatched to an Officer on call who will return your call.

Any messages left between 11:00 PM 7:00 AM will be followed up by an Officer after 7:00 AM

Animal Services - What we Do

Along with our animal control and bylaw enforcement services we also offer a host of other animal services. We are committed to the animals in our care and ensure they receive the best humane treatment possible.

Spay/Neuter Program: All animals for adoption are spayed or neutered prior to placement.


Sheltering: Alberta Animal Services is committed to all animals. Last year we provided services for over 1500 animals.


Animal Rescue: Help for injured stray animals is just a phone call away. Alberta Animal Services will rescue injured or stray animals in the areas we service. Please give us a call at 403-347-2388 to report a stray or injured animal.


Lost and Found: Alberta Animal Services receives thousands of stray animals every year. It is important that your pet wear a collar with an ID tag and that all information be current. You might want to consider having your pet microchipped for permanent identification. If your pet is missing, don't hesitate! Come check the Alberta Animal Services for your missing animal as soon and as often as possible.


Microchipping: Alberta Animal Services now offers affordable microchipping services. Please visit our microchipping page for more information.


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Our Mission

To maintain the safety of the citizens and the animals in our community through education, enforcement and leadership.

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