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Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Services

Alberta Animal Services help owners ensure their pets and neighbors live together in safety and harmony. This is done through education programs, park patrols, community engagement, and enforcement of Laws.

Alberta Animal Services Bylaw Officers are sworn Peace Officers in our Municipalities we service. They conduct patrols in neighborhoods for stray animals, and return lost pets to their owners. They do investigations into dog bites, aggressive animals, nuisance complaints, defecation complaints, and dog licensing. 

Officers also provide emergency assistance to injured domestic animals and assist the Alberta SPCA and RCMP with animal related issues. 

 Field Services

Alberta Animal Services provides Animal Care and Control services for the City of Red Deer, Town of Stettler, Red Deer County and Clearwater County. We respond to animal bylaw concerns, investigate dog bite/attacks, impound stray domestic animals from within our municipalities, and the enforcement of the Municipal Laws. We provide compassionate care for all impounded pets in our shelter as well as lost pet and adoption services to the community and educate the public on being responsible pet owners. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and protect the health and safety of citizens and animals in our community. Through collaborative and sustainable partnerships, we strive to improve the lives of the animals in our care and educating the public on responsible pet ownership. Our goal is to re-unite lost pets with their families and ensure positive outcomes with unclaimed animals in our care through our partnership adoption program with Companion Animal Outreach Services

    Need to Contact us? If you need to reach us for non emergent information or concerns please call 403-347-2388 or you can send us a message with the link below.


     If you are missing a pet please click this link to see current found animals

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