Cat Ownership

Cat Ownership

As a responsible cat owner in Red Deer, you should help your cat stay on the right side of the law.  The City of Red Deer’s Cat Bylaw sets the following regulations for owners.


You Must:

  • Keep your cat(s) on your property and not allow to run loose in neighborhoods.
  • Keep your cat(s) from damaging public or private property
  • Prevent your cats from becoming a nuisance.


Cat Owners found to be in violation of the Bylaw may:


If you are found to be in violation of the Bylaw, you could face one or more of the following penalties:

  • Be issued a warning notice by an Officer
  • Be issued a violation ticket by an Officer
  • Have your cat apprehended and impounded at our Kennel Facility and face further costs to claim.


Issues with a cat in your neighborhood?


If you are experiencing a problem or issue with a cat in your neighborhood, we recommend you first talk to the owner, as they may not be aware that their pet is being disruptive.  If the issue continues you can contact our office to file a report in relation to the concern or via our online complaint form.  Be prepared to provide details on the address where cat resides, description of cat, and date/time of the offence. 


Due to COVID 19:Please be advised that we are not renting cat traps at this time due to service changes in accordance with Provincial Health Measures until further notice.


For more information on The City of Red Deer’s Cat Bylaw. 


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