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Pets of the Homeless

Alberta Animal Services strives to help people in need during difficult times. The Pets of the Homeless program is designed to help families in need feed their beloved pets. In partnership with the Red Deer Food Bank, we provide dog and cat food to less fortunate people who have a difficult time feeding their pets.

If you need this service you can pick up dog or cat food at the Red Deer Food Bank or at Alberta Animal Services.

Ways You Can Help

You can drop off opened and expired bags of dog and cat food to the Shelter 4640 61 Street Red Deer or our Adoption Centre inside the Red Deer Petland. You can purchase dog and cat food or gift cards to grocery stores and drop off your donation to the Shelter located at 4640-61 Street Red Deer or our Adoption Centre inside the Red Deer Petland. For more information please call


Spay and Neuter Program City of Red Deer

The importance of spaying or neutering pets is one that has remained on the City of Red Deer’s priority list since 2005, when they initiated their Spay and Neuter Program.

The City of Red Deer’s Spay and Neuter Program is designed to help to low-income families living in Red Deer spay and neuter their dogs. Keeping animals out of shelters is the focus for both The City of Red Deer and Alberta Animal Services.

In order to enter the program, you must be a resident of Red Deer and Must have a current up to date dog license.

Each year we receive $2.00 from every dog license sold in the previous year to fund the program. If you are accepted into the program, we will spay or neuter your dog plus provide free vaccines and microchipping. The program runs all year round until funds run out.

Apply Today

Do your part to prevent the overpopulation of domestic pets in Central Alberta.
Spay or neuter your pet!

Your female dog will not have a heat cycle (menstrual cycle) which can last as much as 21 days. Unneutered neighbourhood male dogs will not be howling for her. And you won’t have an “accidental litter” of puppies that will depend upon you for their care and to find them loving permanent homes.

Live in Red Deer? Need a dog license?

Get your dogs tag today and don’t let your dog be left without one!
90% of licensed dogs are returned home within hours of being found.

Microchip Clinics

Alberta Animal Services wants to help protect your pet by providing low-cost microchips to the public. For just $25.00 we will protect your pet for life! Call and book your appointment today. We also host microchip clinics at our Adoption Centre inside the Red Deer Petland where we do it by donation! Like and Follow our Facebook Page to see when our next one is.

Alberta Animal Services is the proud partner of Petidco Avid Canada. Petidco is our main microchip supplier. They also are one of our corporate sponsors and donates microchips yearly for our microchip events.

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