What you should do if you

Lost or Foud a Pet?

Found a Pet?

Alberta Animal Services provides an animal shelter for found animals in the City of Red Deer and surrounding communities where citizens can drop animals off at our location. Our Bylaw Officers also pick up stray and injured animals. Please contact our office when you find a pet by calling (403) 347-2388

Lost a Pet?

We offer a picture, description, and location of all animals brought into our shelter. Check our Found page to see if we have your pet.

Step by Step guide to locate your animal quickly:
⦁  Look around your neighbourhood right away, check with neighbors, the mail carrier and children playing in the area. Ask for homeowners to check garages, under decks, around sheds and greenhouses etc.
⦁ Call Alberta Animal Services right away and let us know you are missing your pet! (403) 347-2388
⦁  Call all vet clinics in your area.
⦁  Place a lost ad on all Social Media Pages and Kijiji you can call all of the Radio Stations. Check Kijiji and Facebook you can also post your lost report on our
⦁  Facebook page
⦁  Put up posters in your neighbourhood and deliver flyers door to door with a description of your pet.
⦁  Contact your Microchip Company to let them know your pet is missing
⦁  Petidco Avid Canada

Other Organizations Who Might Have Your Pet
Central Alberta Humane Society  (403) 342-7722
Animal Emergency in Red Deer (403) 347-3277

Veterinary Clinics in your area

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