Animal Care and Control

Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Services

Alberta Animal Services Bylaw Officer’s help owners ensure their pets and neighbours live together in safety and harmony. This is done through education programs, park patrols, community engagement, and enforcement.

Our Officer’s patrol neighbourhoods for stray animals and return lost pets to their owners. They do investigations such as dog bites, aggressive animals, nuisance complaints, defecation and dog licensing. Officer’s also provide emergency assistance to injured animals and assist Alberta SPCA, RCMP and Fish and Wildlife for animal related issues.

Alberta Animal Services Bylaw Officers are sworn peace officers, giving them the ability to write violation tickets and lay charges that require a pet owner to appear in court.

Cat and Dog Bylaws

Alberta Animal Services provides important animal-related services, such as sheltering lost cats and dogs under the Cat Bylaw 3174/96 and Dog Bylaw 3429/2009 (City of Red Deer) any unclaimed cat or dog is then placed into our adoption program where we are committed to finding new homes for our strayed and abandoned animals.

Concerns Regarding Animals

We respond to Bylaw concerns relating to animals and if you have a concern or a complaint within Red Deer please contact us by phone or fill in the “Register a Complaint” form below.

To Register a Complaint
Please call 403-347-2388: Please be prepared to provide the following information.

  • Your name, address, phone number
  • The location, date & time of incident
  • Current location/address of the animal if known
  • Brief details of the incident, including names and phone numbers of any witnesses
  • The animals breed, size, color
  • Any other identifiable features on the animal
  • Address where the animal lives

To aid staff to respond faster, please be ready to describe your complaint briefly and concisely. This information is confidential. No anonymous complaints will be accepted.

Animal Complaint Form

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